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Dear Firebrand Evangelist,

Your commitment to this cause of yours is admirable. I mean, at least four posts every blessed day on the same subject is worthy of praise, especially when each post is well garnished with boulders of wisdom which I’m sure you painstakingly spend hours researching, charges and adulation for fellow believers who see nothing but light in every dot of sage ink you drop, and hair-raising invectives for any unfortunate who dares to ask a question, hold a contrary view from you and your crew or just chooses to be a casual non-participating bystander while you scorch hordes of hapless heathens with more fury than the breath of Drogon.

Your passion and commitment to your cause is very commendable, so I don’t understand this niggling worry in my mind.

Why do I have this sneaky fear that your consummate devotion is symptomatic of an emptiness somewhere else? Why do I have a suspicion, that all the energy you channel into grinding out your message hour after hour and day by day is a cleverly disguised cry for help, a cover for the cold and desolation that is eating your soul? Why is it that when I happen on any of your diatribes about ‘deviants’ I just want to give you a hug and ask tenderly “who hurt you?”

I hope I’m wrong, that I’m just seeing shadows where there’s nothing but rainbows and colorful halos, but perhaps you want to do us all a favor and sincerely answer the following questions in your heart whenever you have the time just to be sure.

Are you happy? Is everything okay at home? Is your life like it should be everywhere else? Is this cause something you so genuinely and passionately believe in that you want to spend every minute of daylight shoving its gospel down throats, both willing and unwilling, or is your frenzied devotion to beating people with your message some form of self-immolation to catch the eye? Are you truly living the talk, or is your ‘informed’ stance just an emotional crutch to prop up your atrophied spirit until ‘something better’ comes along?

Think about it.

Peace and lots of love to you brethren,


Jobless Nigerian Maskuraid.

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