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Musings of a Maskuraid…



My country Nigeria, it stank,

Horribly, of nauseating and utterly revolting odors,

Odors of numberless putrefying corpses that oozed,

Of things long dead and callously left unburied,

Things like trust, equality, fair play and justice,

Things killed by corruption, tribalism, and religious bigotry,

Untold poverty brushed our teeth, with lack we played,

Until they came with promises of change.

They assured us of succor from our many sorrows,

And we listened, by God we listened attentively,

In anticipation of redemption from the smell of suffering.

Soon we heard the sound of sweeping,

The deafening noise of countless brooms,

We the people, we all witnessed what they brought,

All wind, just wind, but not one thing changed.

Last I checked, of the familiar rot,

My Country Nigeria, still it reeks.








  1. Thank you sir, for the most apt description of Nigeria.
    Indeed, ‘still it reeks’.
    *DoffingMyHat* as always…

  2. Odesomi Olanrewwaju

    Thumps up Boss .

  3. Dolapo Omowunmi

    It ‘reeks’ but i hope it will get better..

  4. Beordoon

    Eky should be out of hats by now…LOL. Thank you.

  5. Beordoon

    Hey bro, been a bit. Thanks

  6. Beordoon

    I join my hope with yours.

  7. Amity

    Very depressing. That country.

  8. Beordoon

    True. But still we find joy, in the little things too.

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