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“Won’t you stop romancing that stupid laptop and come to bed?  You can’t be useless in everything can you?”

My tired eyes looked up from the glowing screen at the angry pyjamas clad woman in the bedroom doorway. I was just thinking about how nice she was being with her choice of words tonight when she unleashed a typical zinger.

“Next thing now your witch of a mother will come and start pacifying me to take things easy and be patient and understanding. I don’t know how one man will be jobless and impotent at the same time. If one talks you’ll say you’re a focused scriptwriter who can’t afford distractions. Meanwhile we never even see one skit carrying your name, na so so keyboard clacking we go dey hear. What kind of scriptwriter writes for free and never gets any of his works showcased anywhere? Useless man, tell us your night ‘writing’ is just a cover for your weak down below!”

There was no point in venturing an identical response or letting her know ‘mama’ was actually my guider-in-disguise. The code forbade anger, just like it forbade disclosure.

“I’ll be with you shortly darling. Just give me a minute.”

I said it with a smile and watched as the scowl on her make-up free face grew uglier.

The things one did for this job.

“That’s your own headache oga. If you like, stay here all night with your first love. All I know is that time will soon scatter this sham of a marriage.”

Hissing like a viper she turned and stormed back into the bedroom, still scowling I’m sure.

An hour later and I was done. I would have been done in ten, but I had to scrap my previous project and start over. Somebody got lucky thanks largely to my ‘wife’s’ acerbic tongue, while she just unwittingly bought herself the mother of all nightmares. That hissing had given me a very wonderful idea to work with. Even my laptop gave a satisfied click as it snapped shut.

Thing is, a dream weaver’s life is very misunderstood and requires a lot of personal sacrifice, but sometimes even dream weavers are allowed to have some fun on the job.

Tonight is going to be epic.

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