We were girls and boys,
Innocents, men, and women,
Old school, middle-aged and young,
Scrawny and rotund,
We were neighbors,
Caught in the same struggles,
Chasing the same hustle,
Till ‘they’ skulked in,
With their indiscriminate name calling,
Filthy fingers a-pointing,
And their politics of promises.

We were one,
Till ‘they’ taught us discord,
Egged us to doubt our historical bonds,
And brewed into our thoughts,
Hatred disguised as a quest for freedom,
We were a nation, strong,
Till ‘they’ wore us differing uniforms,
Gifted us bayonets, cudgels and guns,
And set us on a course of collision,
To keep on till the others were totally gone,
And we had a ‘supposedly’ new dawn.

We were alive and well,
Till they drummed up a war of attrition,
In which we haplessly fought,
We were warned,
But deafened by tribal noise,
We chose to ignore,
We chose to believe their rousing call,
And sacrificed our all,
Our daughters and sons,
We gave in rivers, our blood,
Until every drop was gone.
We were believers in their cause,
Emergency zealots,
Slaves to their orders,
We were minions,
Whose dogmatized souls fed their cannons,
We were dumb,
Until the smoke cleared,
And our ghosts saw them cheer,
Side by side, brothers united by greed,
As they picked up the spoils,
From our inseparably mangled bodies.

We were wise,

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