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Rio was good. No, scratch that. Rio was explosive. Rio was wild. Rio was out of this world.

The competition itself went smoothly without any major hiccups and was magnificent for everyone, except maybe for the hosts who surprisingly only managed to finish a ‘lowly’ fourth, contrary to pre – tournament expectations and their normally high standards. The Super Eagles’ ouster at the second round knockout stages did nothing to dampen my enthusiasm; I simply switched to supporting the Mannschaft, especially after they later put our conquerors (France) to the sword. For me it was a good thing that they eventually won the tournament, as I was also able to win a few dollars from an online bet shop.

I had some much fun and met different people from all across the world. Sleeping for more than four hours a day was a rare occurrence during that frenetic month, there was always something interesting to do almost twenty-four hours of every day.

The girls, oh my days!

Girls were everywhere, ever smiling and usually in skimpy clothing, even if they couldn’t speak a word of English. And they were very willing. Almost every day for the duration of the fiesta, I brought a different girl back to my hotel room after the late nights of hard partying. Apart from the liquor and the women, Rio was a sinner’s heaven with all forms of debauchery in abundance for those who sought them.

I was a very active seeker.

Finally after four weeks of mad activity, it was time to head back to Lagos. On the Saturday before the final match between Germany and Argentina, I went with some of my new friends to an antique fair in Lapa where I bought a few souvenirs for the guys in the office.

We were just about to leave the fair when I spotted this cute mammy water figurine or Iemanja as the locals called it. It had eyes made of a sea green luminous material which would glow in the dark (according to the guy selling it) and very prominent boobs. The figurine also made a coo like noise when its nipples were squeezed. The attendant sweet talked me into parting with two Real (one Real was about half a dollar) for the toy which I felt was cool enough. I dropped it in my bag with the other purchases and we left.

On Tuesday 15th of July 2014, I touched down at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport Lagos; tired and practically broke, wishing the party that just ended could start all over again.

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