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Can I sit with you when you hurt,
Shoulder to shoulder on the sandy shore,
Fingers intertwined with yours,
Drinking in the weighty silence,
While we watch the lazy river slowly float past,
On it’s winding voyage to the sea?
Can I be your support when you despair,
A quiet rock for your unsure back,
And the attentive ear that stays cocked,
Tuned in spite of life’s noise,
Listening as you breathe your pain free,
At the ready should you ever wish to talk about it?
Can I be your sun on those gloomy days,
Can I be your light when you lose your way,
Can I be the arm that keeps your tears at bay,
Can i be your smile when your skies are grey,
Can I stand with you when you push the world away,
Can I be a friend for the rest of your days?