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The things hunger does to you.

For weeks explicit messages flowed back and forth between them both via WhatsApp, same with nudes and raunchy voice notes. Both parties created a sexually charged pressure cooker environment, deliberately stoking lustful fires and ramping up their internal heat to insane levels even from across the yawning divide of distance, while they maintained calm facades for the benefit of those in their immediate surroundings. No one was the wiser to their hidden desires, until at last fate in her utmost benevolence allowed them to meet.

As soon as they got behind locked doors, his shirt was impatiently tugged off causing a few buttons to loosen in the process, and jeans got yanked away, belt and all. Someone’s boxers got flung so far afield that afterwards it took a torch to retrieve it from the darkest corners of their illicit love nest.

For her there were no panties to start with, but a lacy black bra got shifted upwards to allow her hardened nipples peek, whilst frenzied hands lifted her short cotton skirt to reveal a yearning pussy so flooded that it looked like VGC after two days of non-stop rain.  

Aside from a perfunctory attempt to kiss, there was no time for much else. The exigency of the moment didn’t allow for foreplay as dick and pussy just wanted to taste each other, and both parties needed no referee’s whistle to descend into a frenetic bout of raw animal fucking.

Cue the loud moans. Cue the sound of suction as his energized dick dove deep inside her welcoming cleft from behind. Cue the sound of skin slapping skin as he repeatedly smacked her bouncing ass to her delight. Cue the sound of springs singing as the bed did its utmost best to announce their secret tryst to the world, as if they cared in the first place.

After several minutes of rigorous pumping he came, speaking in tongues and pulsing like a geyser, almost at the same time as she did likewise, yelling like a banshee as her juices squirted beyond the tremors of her labia majora. Both of them climaxed explosively, expressing all their pent up emotions without any regard for whoever happened to be near enough to hear their cries of delicious release.

Such was the passion and the intensity of their mating, that soaked sheets bore witness to the copious release of body fluids.

The strangest part of this tale is not that they were so into each other at first fuck. No. What’s baffling is that even after that epic episode of guzzling stolen waters they’re still looking forward to another chapter of the wanton display with even greater expectations.

It is pretty amazing, the things sexual hunger does to people.


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