The Wisdom of Kermit

The Wisdom of Kermit

To the multitude of instructors,
Always sharing blueprints to good living.
ATMs (Automatic ‘Tell him or her’ Machines),
Offerers of unsolicited opinions,
Givers of advice and direction,
Concerning everything under God’s blue sky,
Enough, stop already!!!

Why can’t a man (or woman) just bask,
In the bliss of ignorance?
It can’t be so much of a sin,
For a soul to crave, a shameless wallow in,
The peace that comes with unknowing, can it?

Every man has a right to life, so
Respect our freedom to live it, straight or debauched.
Not every time, be the voice of reason,
Sometimes wisdom, is simply being Kermit.

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2 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Kermit

  1. Beautiful but controversial. Controversial because Knowledge is best shared. Knowledge is light, and your light should brighten not just your own path.

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