The Mechanics of Yenagoa is a shining example of easy-to-digest-and-relate-to writing. 

Michael Afenfia’s new book tells a story of everyday people doing everyday things in totally unexpected ways, and Number 9, Kalakala street, Ovom, is the grimy epicenter of this intriguing universe.

Until Ebinimi came along, who would have thought that a roadside mechanic’s life could be so eventful, especially a roadside mechanic based in ‘sleepy’ Yenagoa? All the other major characters in this book also have sizzling stories to tell, and to top it all up, many (if not most) of us have come across (or at least have heard about) a Blessing, an ‘ABT’, a Bishop Ebizimor, or an Aguero. 

From the book cover that merrily calls out to you (a special round of applause for the Masobe cover designer) to the story itself with its twists and turns, this is a book you can’t put down once you pick it up. It has everything – romance, betrayal, friendship, sex, greed, crime, politics, religion, and loads of humor. You can guess all you want, and the ending will still completely blindside you. Word on the streets is that quite a number of people are looking to whisper one or two things in the author’s ears. 

Buying this beauty is money well spent, and that it is expertly written to provide ‘guaranteed enjoyment’ for the reader is an obvious understatement.

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