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“Pray,” they said. “For every good thing you want from God.”

So I did, for the realization of my Lagos dream.

That was many years ago.

Today is Sunday, the 9th day of July 2017, and I can’t help but smile as I check my score card.

I have a fine chick, my own tomato Jos. Baby is captain of team light skinned, with a solid view at the back, a good future in front of her, and Coca Cola bottle shape just like the girls in those ‘Clarence shot it’ music videos. Haters will say na body magic. Haters will always hate. Ignore them.

I also have a matt black Bugatti, a red Ferrari 488 GTB, an army green Brabus G800, all bullet proof, and of course two Toyota Prados for the police escorts. No fleet is complete without its own siren-blasting escort these days. Lagos traffic can be pretty bitchy.

Finally there’s the biggest of them all, the uber-modern all-white 7 bedroom Hacienda styled spread in Lekki, complete with its own Olympic sized swimming pool, full-sized tennis and basketball courts and two roof top gardens. Like cliché goes, home is where the heart is. Truth be told, this estate is my rib cage.

The good Lord definitely heard my prayers back then and blessed His son accordingly.

*Cocks head to one side*

Is that rain I hear drumming on the roof?

*Walks to the window and drags the blind aside to confirm*

Yes, it’s definitely rain. Today is the seventh day of this relentless pouring.

The Atlantic has practically relocated to my backyard, so you can add ‘seaside’ to my address.

The Lord’s blessings are never excessive.


Damn! I probably forgot to ask for a speed boat in my prayer request.

*Picks up my diamond encrusted Iphone7s*

Hello God. It’s your boy Ojuju again…

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3 thoughts on “THE LAGOS DREAM

  1. Okuku forgot to ask God for a speedboat & a kayak ( little exercise is good for the body)….😁😁😁

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