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Photo Credit - Google A truck passed and bathed the sodden crowd huddling under the bus stop’s awning in halogen light. At that precise moment she looked my way, and I smiled at her. It was pure instinct and I wasn’t expecting any reaction to be honest, but she smiled back, and suddenly the miserable weather was forgotten. Such was the power of that dazzling smile. It completely hypnotized my soul. **** Only one word can describe the day I just had. Crazy! The crowd at the More...


Photo Credits - Google By the time I got back to the bathroom he was already seated in the tub and chest deep in soap suds. His pile of wet clothing lay in the corner, so I slipped the yellow towel robe off my shoulders, dumped it on the floor, walked awkwardly across the linoleum and joined him in the warm bath. For once I was grateful for the size of the damn thing, never mind that I’d always complained about the space it took. This is clearly not me. I am a rational being, maybe More...


Photo Credits – Google

The clouds were heavy earlier this morning,

Until the heavens buckled under pressure,

And the streets became wet with rain.

It reminded me of yesterday,

When your laps were unlocked by sheer pleasure,

And your legs swung apart like unattended gates!

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