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Photo Credits - Google It is hard, Ignoring her promises of bliss, Delivered minute by minute as it is, In the most enticing of voices, Flirtatiously and seductively erotic. Her juice laden fingers, They beckon repeatedly, Teasing in your intimate places, Painting pictures of milk and honey, Of comforts eyes have never seen. It is hard, Closing your mind to her catchy calls, Repeatedly guarding your heart, From the reach of her enticing bosom, But you know you have to try. The More...


Photo Credits – Google

On the other side of the door,
It was supposed to be light,
So said the guide.
I went in blind,
In the sincere and earnest pursuit of insight,
I followed the map to the letter,
And still ended up in the darkest part of midnight,
With no semblance of an out in sight.

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