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How do I say this without sounding poetic?

How do I tell you my heart feels a tender squeeze,

Every time your perfection smiles at me,

Or that I hear your name in the evening breeze,

Soulfully whispered and echoed by dancing leaves.

How do I explain those recurrent dreams,

Of you and I, heady bouts of sweaty sex,

Dreams that leave me gripping blankets,

Loins throbbing and undies wet.

How do I describe the sleepless nights,

When longing for the warmth of your touch,

Thwarts my aching body from finding rest.

How do I let you know how bad my fingers itch,

To ruffle your hair and caress your skin,

Have the freedom of ramble outside and within,

Make your senses tingle and your blood sing.

How do I paint for you a picture,

Of a soul adrift, thirsty and lost,

A soul in turmoil, a soul in search of comfort,

Found only in the velvety arms of true love,

How do I spill my secret desires and more,

How do I tell you that you’re the one my heart wants,

When I can’t even muster the right words?






  1. Dolapo Omowunmi

    Awwww so sweet….makes me wanna dedicate to someone special.

  2. Maskuraid

    Long time Dolapo. Hope you’ve been well?

  3. Folake


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