When the chaos of Lagos life gets to you,
Sometimes the only remedy is to find a hole to crawl into…

Somewhere beneath God’s blue sky,
On a lovely stretch of sun-bleached sand,
Caught between the Lagos Lagoon and the Atlantic,
A hideaway, snug as can be,
Somewhere quiet,
Where the bustle of traffic is so alien,
That the cacophonous voices resident in your head,
Are summarily awed into silence,
Somewhere serene,
Where the sky and the sea jubilantly meet as friends,
Where the wind is wild and whistling free,
And hope shimmers happily on the horizon,
Somewhere idyllic,
Where time literarily stands still,
A place of chill for as many souls in need of peace,
Where clocks or watches are totally unnecessary,
Somewhere off paths beaten,
Where if wishes were indeed horses,
I’d joyfully give a piece of me there to live,
And never ever think fit to leave.

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