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We both knew.

Love danced in my heart, and you felt his rhythm,

Understanding shone in your eyes, and I bathed in her warmth,

But silence kissed our lips and glued them shut,

Until somehow the moment passed,

And time left us behind.

We both knew, but nobody said a word.

Heartbreaks later,

Years after, caged in the arms of clueless significant others,

We toss and turn during frigid nights,

Tormented by dreams of regret,

And the thoughts of where paths untread may have led,

Wondering if this docility we signed for,

Otherwise would’ve been a journey of unbridled passion.

Here we are, slaves to our own pride,

Drowning every day in pools of unshed tears,

Walking zombies wearing faux smiles,

Acting out the script of “My Perfect Life”

When in fact our souls thirst, and bodies long,

As our hearts ache in secret for that missing touch…


Damn! We both knew,

And now we have the rest of our lonely days,

To wistfully pine and ask each other how it was,

That neither of us could find the right words,

To express something which was so obvious.

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