Slay queens? Please!

It is 2020, but these ones still don’t know seduction is an art?

They think it is by pouting like hungry ducks on Instagram, standing like paraplegics in Facebook photos, twerking on Twitter, or mooning all day with gele of leaves, dog ears, and dangling tongues on Snapchat.

Who will tell them, that there is more to making a man pant for your attention than painting your face like a traditional mask?

Who will tell them, that there are ways to put ideas in a man’s head and still have him apologize profusely for daring to think them?

They think youth is the only road to sense and won’t ask their elders for pointers. That’s why they will go and die for nothing under a butcher’s knife, trying to arrange bumbum that is not ‘follow come’.

Do they know, that there is a way you subtly initiate eye contact with a man and break it off, that fries his brain and scatters his thoughts?

Have they seen how smiling to yourself can hold a man’s heart captive and make him climb walls just to be blessed by your shining teeth?

Can they modulate their voices to make him break out in sweat and goose pimples simultaneously while you’re only asking for what time of the day it is?

History is full of women who captured kings because they knew how to tie wrappers to dissolve at the filmiest touch. You’d be surprised at how the stoniest of men will turn into slobbering simpletons in the presence of mountainous peaks and lush valleys.  

Men that will promise you their mother’s head on a stake when you know how to scratch their bellies in the right place, but can these ones ever?

Don’t bother telling them anything though, because they won’t listen. We didn’t too until age brought wisdom.

Slay queens? Please!

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