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Hey you, how’re you doing? It’s been a bit, yes?

How’s life treating you these days? I hope you’re doing much better than me when it comes to surfing the rough winds that characterize living around these parts. Every day births another challenge, be it political, security or economical. One can only hope for grace to thrive in spite of everything.

Do daydreams still hold the same attraction for you? Are you still the outrageously cheeky mouse who’d tease me all day about my laziness? Are you still that fun bundle I used to know, that warm, fiercely loyal and uncompromising slave driver who made me sweat through the many lines even when all I wanted to do was rush stuff and spend the rest of the time on amebo and gist? Do you still stay up at ‘ungodly’ hours, listening to the voices in your head say those outrageous things ‘prim and proper’ you would never dare verbalize in daylight while the rest of the city sleeps? Do you still have your ‘normal’ mask in place while that insane alter ego of yours simmers merrily, expertly disguised beneath the surface?

It saddens me greatly that I have all these questions, but no answers, because there’s no you. It’s not like there’s no you actually. Technically there’s you, there’s always been you, just like there’s always been me, but, unfortunately, there’s no us, at least not any longer. Does that even make sense?

I miss you, a lot. I miss the wings you gave my imagination, the gust you brought to my sails, and I miss the light you shone upon my path. I miss badgering you to eat (as if you needed me to). While I wholeheartedly agree that regret is a useless emotion, I can’t help but feel twinges whenever I remember what happened.

It still hurts.

Life is nothing without hope though, and I can only hope that you continue to bloom. One day, maybe we’ll get another chance to catch up and talk about these things.

Who knows what the future brings.

In the meantime, keep being the superstar that you were, and keep breaking new ground.

God bless you, my friend, beyond your wildest dreams.


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