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Mine is the silent prayer of a burdened heart,

That regardless of monumental fatigue,

May I not encounter sleep.

For if I slip, if I mistakenly find – even fitfully sleep,

It is almost inevitable, that I dream.


That I may not sleep, to witness the torture,

Of being with you in another realm,

Happier than a child’s laughter,

Lighter than summer clouds,

Brighter than the dazzle of gold, in which the miser delights.


That I may not sleep and be led to a false belief,

Of other times, and of sunnier climes,

Only to wake up to the freeze of a silent room,

And the desolation of an empty bed,

Wet with the weight of unshed tears,

Totally alone…

alone 2







  1. Please don’t take me back to that place I just run out of…

    Great piece

  2. Beordoon

    You have no need to worry Lola, thank you.

  3. amity

    This is Lovely!

  4. Wow.
    this does send one thinking.
    Well done wordsmith.
    Tipping my gele (abi? I have taken correction sir)

  5. Beordoon

    Thank you…Am (or what do i call you). Come again soon.

  6. Beordoon

    LOL. Good that you have, thanks for being as supportive as always.

  7. Oriade

    Egungun on the blues


  8. ajalayemi

    Boom. I read that with a deep baritone voice (Femi Sowoolu?) in my head. Please do and enjoy the full richness, poignancy and despondence of this…masterpiece

  9. Beordoon

    Tu parle francais Monsieur Oriade? Merci..

  10. Beordoon

    Alashela in the house, all 9inshes of him. Appreciate your coming bro…

  11. Nneka

    This is real. This is so real. This is…. I’ve been here. I know this. I know.

  12. Beordoon

    For everything.merci.

  13. Fiksionist

    Beautiful peice. Well done Biodun.

  14. Beordoon

    My last comment for the year 2015, God bless you!

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