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Evil did not come rushing in at once,
All rampaging like a tidal wave,
Against which my heart could build no fort,
No sir, it did not.

Evil was smart,
It stole in surreptitiously on a thought,
It came in trickles and drops,
One here, one there, in tiny spurts,
It looked harmless enough and I let it be,
Until it coalesced and pooled in my soul,
An angry ocean that suffused my entire being.

Evil did not start out as if it wanted to win,
It came cap in hand,
A homeless urchin, for sustenance a – begging,
Tentative until it found reprieve.

Evil started out as an errant seed,
Malevolence borne on gloomy winds,
An itinerant dot favored with a fertile perch,
A waif that was allowed to scale into a giant,
Unbridled it grew, loomed large and bloomed green,
Until it usurped all the beautiful light within,
And darkness became my second skin.

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