Segun’s heart raced as he knocked on the metallic outer door.   
He still couldn’t believe his luck. Salewa, the babe he had been toasting for ages had buzzed him to come over to her place. Out of the blue.

‘No one is home.’ had been her exact words. 
The message could only mean one thing, that she wanted him. Imagine that, after she’d brushed him off for more than 6 months. This was more than a dream come true. It was a miracle. 
His ears picked up the sound of movement in the house and he quickly rechecked his pocket to be sure the packet of Gold Circle he’d detoured to buy on his way down to be sure it was in place. Normally he would’ve preferred something classier because he didn’t want to look cheap, but that has been the only one on offer at the shop. Beggars couldn’t be choosers. 
Soon, footsteps came closer. As the bolt screeched behind the door, he glanced down at his shoes to hide his smile of conquest. 
 Girls sha, ” he mused. “They can pretend die!” 
Pain flared all around his head as his eyes slowly opened and adjusted to the gloom. He took a deep breath to steady himself and tried to look around. His head barely moved, but from what he could see he was on prone on the concrete floor in a small room. His shirt was off and both of his arms were tightly bound to his naked torso. They felt numb, while his head felt like somebody was setting of blocks of dynamite inside it.  
“Where am I?” he wondered. 
“He’s awake, ” someone out of his field of vision boomed. The voice echoed around the confines of the room. 
“Yaaay!” another voice answered. This one was lighter and definitely female. 

Recognition suddenly jumped at him.
It came out as a gurgle, and his lips moved as if they were filled with concrete. 
“What happened? Where are we? Why am I tied up? What have I done?”
There was the snap of a switch and light poured from the ceiling. Next, her face came into view, and he blinked rapidly to focus on it.
“Don’t move, ” she cooed, patting his head. “It will soon be over.” 
“What will?” he asked, his confusion growing with the pain in his system. 
“Your life,” she whispered, her breath fanning his face. “You die here.” 
At the mention of death, his blood ran cold. 
It had to be a joke. This must be one elaborate sexual role play game. Maybe she was into S&M and was trying to indoctrinate him. He croaked another question. 
“Death? How? Why? What for? I thought you wanted to….”
“Shhhhhh,” she hissed, placing a warm finger on his frigid lips. 
“I told you no one was home, but you still came. I tried to warn you, but you dared. Now, it is settled. Your fate is sealed.” 
“I thought…I thought you wanted…you know… to have sex with me. I thought that was why you let me know that you were alone? You said no one was home…”
Her harsh laughter rang out, cutting off his shaky voice.
“Sex? Me? With…a worm like you?” 
Again, she laughed, and his spine tingled at the ferocity. 
“No one!” she called out, looking beyond him. “Come out. Come out and show yourself to our uninvited guest.”
She reached down and roughly pushed him so he could see in the direction she was facing and his entire body pulsed with pain at the forced movement.
Segun had to blink twice in quick succession to be sure what was in his line of sight was not an apparition.

Hugging the wall, just beside the locked door was the scariest thing he had ever seen. The beast was tall, so tall that it had to bend its neck even as its head touched the ceiling. It had deep dark holes in its head where eyes should have been, but somehow he knew it could see. It also had four huge fangs protruding out of its lipless mouth, and its four bulky arms ended in bear-like talons at least five inches long. They had the color of blood. 
“Segun, my dear pest,” Salewa breathed behind him. “Meet No One, your soon-to-be devourer.”
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