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Musings of a Maskuraid…

Nature’s Order

Growing Seed

I started life as a naked seed
Minute, much smaller than a mustard’s be
Planted with toil in the dead of night
Or so my sower would have people believe

The rich black earth was my mother
Water, the milk, that fed my leafy cheeks
A timid shoot, broke ground and became a twig
Creeping tendril, till I grew into a tree

Green and heavy, my canopy grew
I bore fruits, birthed many an offshoot
Until the reaper needed standing space
The earth trembled, as down I came

I was a tiny naked seed
The rich black earth was my birth mother
I came, I saw, I thought I’d conquered
Till I fell, to preserve nature’s order


Dial – A – Hero


Bon Appetit (The Family That Preys Together)


  1. Nneka

    I won’t tire of saying that your poetry is breathtakingly beautiful.
    Well done.

  2. Ikenna

    Awwwwwww. That could be us too.

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