Life in the most populous black nation on earth was a joy to live. Inhabited by a strong and resilient mix of citizens whose arms were always wide open to welcome visitors in all seasons, Nigeria was the place to be. We were the big brother in West Africa with a booming economy, willing to accommodate all and sundry. The Nigeria I grew up in was a heaven and a haven for all sorts.

It is most unfortunate that my Nigeria, the erstwhile pride of the black continent is presently a prostrate colossus, hamstrung by its legion of man-made problems. Its abundant resources have been/are being recklessly plundered by selfish men and women who have chosen to place personal enrichment above the greater good. Majority of the populace wallow in the mire of endemic poverty while a chosen few live in lavish abandon.

The Nigeria I grew up in is but a distant memory, almost banished to the annals of history. What has replaced it is a country where hunger walks the streets in broad daylight. The back breaking toil of the common man now cannot even cover the basic necessities of human existence. Crime is the order of the day and human life is worth less than a pittance. In the race to survive the harsh economic environment created by the carelessness and greed of the elite few, the suffering majority are ready to commit any atrocity in their bid to eke out a reasonable means of sustenance.

To say I love my Country is an understatement. I love and cherish the Country in which I was born, not this unhealthy parody I currently live in. I have a family and love them too, dearly. I want them in a safe place where they can live and pursue whatever dreams they have for their lives in comfort. I want my kids to grow up in an environment where they have all that’s needed to mold an individual into a stable, well-adjusted member of society. Sadly, the Nigeria of today is far from being such.

This is why I’m pleading with all and sundry to come together and let us rebuild our Country. It is high time we forgot all our differences and co-operate towards restoring our dear nation to its rightful place of glory. All the divisions along tribal, religious, economic and political lines should be jettisoned, Nigeria belongs to all of us and the sooner we realize this the better. Let us work together to make it the envy of other Countries, just like it used to be.

May God bless Nigeria.

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