So your heart got broken, and you think the end to all life as you know it has come? Think again my friend.

For most people, a broken heart is something they have experienced (or will experience) at least once in their life time (some people are more unfortunate than others in this regard). As the script usually plays out, there’s that one person of the opposite sex you meet, who makes your heart jump and your blood hum, that person who makes you complete (at least as at that time in your life). You think the world of this person, and you see both of you living happily together till the end of your days. How fickle can life get? One minute you’re both cruising on the expressway of reciprocal affection until something happens, and suddenly everything is derailed. Long story short, a heart (yours) has been broken.

As universal as heart breaks get, individual reactions to them are varied. Some people cry, some seek solace in drink, while a few quickly get into a rebound relationship (a subconscious statement of defiance). People have been known to withdraw from regular activities or totally lose their appetite for food and life in general. The intensity and length of these reactions is not determined by sex, but by the depth of emotions dashed. While everyone is telling you it’ll pass, the pain of heart break to the sufferer feels as if it’ll never end. Really, for some it never does.

I think everyone needs at least one heart break in a lifetime. For all the pain they bring to the sufferer, heart breaks really help us put life into perspective. After the initial feelings of betrayal, anger, self-doubt and all, one usually reverts to a period of deep introspection. Love is an emotion that is rarely rational and has been known to make people dreamy and do things totally at variance with their person. A heart break is a rude awakening, a harsh return to reality. The period immediately after a heart is broken provides a window for an individual to experience such clarity of thought and almost sage like intelligence. Little wonder why people have been inspired to write great music and poetry during these times. Everything suddenly becomes so clear! You’re so sensitive and in tune with higher thoughts, that it’s like you unexpectedly have acquired a super power, transient as it may be.

Most people emerge from the pain of heart breaks having learnt pertinent lessons about themselves, how to structure their emotional attachments and interactions with other human beings and, the raw hurt they’re capable of feeling when things go awry. It’s like a purge, and afterwards you emerge cleansed of the heady fumes of first romance, with a different perspective to matters of the heart. Now you have seen both sides of the coin, and are better equipped to navigate the perilous waters of romantic involvement. Except you choose to ignore the lessons learnt, you should by now be wiser to the ways of love.

So your heart has been broken, take it as a rite of passage. Let it be for you, a time of transition, one which signifies the loss of baby teeth in preparation for more adult fare. You have just been schooled in the unpredictability and pettiness of human emotions, and now owe it to yourself to make sure as you seek a worthier recipient of your love, you never fall down the same hole again.


So you got broken,

A wholesome (heart), maltreated, and left in pieces.

Seek a better garden, and invest the grains,

Sow them with wisdom, water with guided passion,

And watch, as true beauty blossoms again.

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2 thoughts on “SO YOU GOT BROKEN?

  1. Quite an interesting read, heartbreak is indeed a teacher, but only the wise listens to the lessons behind the hurts…

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