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Nathaniel watched, fascinated as she slowly undressed and tossed aside each item of clothing until she was totally naked.

Everything about her was as he had imagined it would be. Long toned legs, shapely thighs, belly as flat as a plank, perky boobs with darkened winking nipples and miles of sun-kissed golden brown skin. She looked fantastic all over, especially her bald crotch. The shaved area in between her legs looked even better than the picture she’d earlier teased him with and his breath caught in his throat.

“Guy, are you going to just stand there and gawk at me like some clueless teenager, or you’ll come here and worship this beauty?”‎

It came out in a purr, a well manicured finger pointing at her exposed genitals.

Another thing he loved about her was her potty mouth. For weeks they’d engaged in the most erotic of chats, ramping up the heat towards this day.

“Yummy yummy” he whispered in response. “Just say the word and my tongue is yours.”

She laughed, and it sounded like so many tinkling bells to his desire crazed ears.

“Then what are you waiting for?”

Moving with purposeful stealth like a jungle cat she went over to the living room couch and sat facing him, then deliberately spread her legs open.


He needed no second invitation.

Quickly he leapt across the floor and knelt in position on the cold tiles. She smelt wonderful, inviting his already itching tongue to dig in to her pinkish wetness. His hands shook slightly as he grasped her legs and shifted her into a better position…

“Who else has a question for our author?”

Reality crashed in on Nathaniel like a collapsing building. One minute he was on his knees about to eat the juiciest plate ever, and the next he was back in the hall, a member of the audience at a book reading.

“Anyone?” the sexy moderator asked again.

The object of his fantasies stood on the podium with a microphone in her hand, fully clothed and facing him, blissfully unaware of the wild fires raging in his imagination.


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