Dear Friend,
This one is for you, yes, YOU!

People see you every day. They get hypnotized by the dazzle of your smile and the rumble of your jolly laugh. Everyone gushes about the exuberance of your character, and most of them earnestly desire to be you, the perfect picture of a rambunctious citizen of ‘happy city’. Many want to be in your shoes because of the image you portray, they want to be that personae you project, whose skies know no dark clouds, and whose heart doesn’t understand darkness.

They think you have everything figured out, that you have it all together. They believe you’re in charge.

If only they knew. If only they have a clue about your struggles.
Well, I do.

I know of the pain you masterfully hide every day. I know of the hurt, the doubt, the uncertainty and the confusion that constantly swirl behind your jaunty mask.

I am aware of your fears, the worries that keep you up at night, and the emotions that wash your face with tears every night when you’re alone.

They are clear to me because we share one heart, and I cannot help but be an empath. Even when you say nothing, I feel on an intimate level what you hide inside.

My friend, I also happen to know that you’re a brave one. Yes, beneath the brownness of your skin, a fighter lives. I know you have the heart of a lion and the tenacity of a spinning spider. Even when you doubt your own strength, you never give up, and that is why you’re a winner.

It’s okay to fear. It’s human to despair. It’s part and parcel of our existence to worry about things that look awry, but as long as we keep on battling and believing, it’s just a matter of time, victory is assured.

So, chin up my friend. Keep your mask in place and continue to face the world with your game face while you plow through those troubles low-key. Challenges may start out as stones, but they eventually become edible beans.

I’ll be here, ready to offer support should you choose to ask for it in any form. I’ll be right here praying for your success too. One day, soon, everything will fall into their rightful places, and I will join others rushing to you to rejoice and celebrate.

Just keep the faith.


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