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Oh what fun to see,

As she hopelessly and helplessly bleeds.

‘Tis a sight for eyes and hearts sore,

To watch her life’s force slowly run forth.


High on love’s brew,

During those times that life was good,

She forgot the earth from which she spewed.

Who neglects their mother because of a suitor?

Who abandons their source,

To chase the transience of fleeting emotions?

Who except the most reckless of offsprings,

Scorns a mother’s welcoming arms,

For poisonous lies dripping off a lover’s lips?


Now he’s gone and her memento,

Betrayal’s dagger run clean through her soul.

In pains as she mortally bleeds,

She pines for succor and craves a mother’s mercy.

If only she knew before her folly,

That even hell’s fearsome fury,

Pales in shameful comparison,

To the vengeance, of a mother love-shunned.



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