So, Sunday, the very last day of 2017. It has been a long year, one typified by words like ‘recession’ and scarcity, and I’m mighty glad to be seeing its end. What better way to round off such a momentous year than by doing something relaxing and really satisfying.


Yesterday I got chicken and mixed me some marinade, basically soy sauce, pepper soup spice powder, ground dry pepper and a couple of teaspoons of beer. The beer was a belated addition to the mix, courtesy of Vivian N Robert. Everything went into a ziplock bag and slept in the refrigerator overnight.

Cometh the hour, I fired up the grill, laid out my spread on the rack, and turned and turned those babies till they cooked to a delightful shade of golden brown.

I swear on the sumptuous tenderness of the spicy meat, and how well it agrees with a super chilled can of Monster fury.

2018 is going to be fantastic for us all.

Happy New Year people.

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