The casket was a beautiful affair. It was made of sparkling white material and had trimmings of gold along both sides. The handles were golden too, all six of them, and they reflected the faces of the people passing by. The inside had extra thick padding and looked inviting to even the living eye. It must have been expensive, she thought, hideously so. Even in death, nothing changed. Only the best was good enough for him, just as it had been while he lived.

The expansive auditorium was filled to the brim. Every available space was taken up with mourners, and the throng outside watching on giant screens set up for that purpose was probably more than the lucky ones who came early enough to find space inside.

She stood up from her seat and stepped forward, stopping just short of the barrier set up around the open coffin to prevent people from getting too close. Then she looked at him. He was gone, and yet he was there, prostrate, surrounded by bouquets of colorful flowers and dressed in a white designer suit with a thin gold chain adorning his neck. White and gold had always been his way. His face looked peaceful, and his eyes were closed as if he was asleep. Only the charming smile was missing, otherwise, he was the same as he always was, larger than life, even in death, but death had the final word. It had come for him unannounced.

She took another look at the figure lying-in-state and burst into tears. The people behind her followed suit, sharing in her heartfelt sorrow. He had been their spiritual leader and her husband, a great man.

If only they could hear her thoughts.

Every day of the life I lived with you was a lie,
The compliments and the promises,
The light of love in my eyes,
The omnipresent smile,
The image of the obedient Christian wife,
Everything was contrived,
It was all an act,
An epic in which I starred.

It wasn’t so at the start,
I married the man I thought you were,
I married you to live happily ever after,
I took your ring for the right reasons,
Until a few months into matrimony,
When I discovered you were a phony,
Everything you turned out to be contrary,
From the man, you postured to be.

The lies, the alcohol and the drugs,
Finding out about those hurt,
Still, I could have prayed for better days,
I could have continued hiding my black eyes with dark shades,
But what woman would remain the same,
Knowing the man she married was gay,
So I became like you, I changed,
I became a star in my own reality show of fake.

To the world, we were a couple,
God-fearing, lovingly entwined souls,
While our real lives hid in the shadows,
And now you’re gone they see me cry,
But my heart sings as these tears in my eyes,
Signal the truest emotions I’ve felt in a long time,
Who amongst them will believe that your death,
Is the catalyst I need to bring me to life?

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