Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasure

“The whole world says it’s wrong, but if feels so right. It makes me wonder, how in guilt, there can be so much joy. Be mine, make me yours, let us take and give pleasure, for as long as we can enjoy. Let us delight in our togetherness, let us drink deep from Cupid’s cup. That when this happy road reaches a bend, when the physical bond gets severed, we can bask forever in the warmth of happy memories treasured within our hearts, separated by miles but eternally connected by an invisible thread, true love, that is without end”.

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10 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure

  1. Beordoon, it’s just beautiful how you capture seemingly complicated emotions in simple words, drawing your reader in. Well done.

  2. These words can make a 70yr old feel young and actively in love again just like in nutty professor 2 by Eddy murphy,so captivating,bravo B

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