Only one word – ‘POW’!  Mr Tunde Leye completely flipped the script in #TLGOTS and turned out a mind-blowing piece of fantasy fiction.

The book starts at a sedate pace, taking the story of creation and the Garden of Eden from a different point of view. A clever ploy, because at that point you think it’s just Genesis dressed up and retold all over again. Wrong! Now let me tell you about the Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula), one minute it’s just like a beautiful flower, right until an unsuspecting insect lands on it and BOOM! That’s exactly how this book explodes into life, and the ‘unsuspecting’ reader once sucked in is unable to take a break from events as they unfold at breakneck speed until he turns the final page.

Guardians of the Seal is a depiction of the age-old battle of light against darkness, a war which is older than man, but which ultimately is decided by him (or her). God and the valiant Hosts of Heaven, Lucifer and his posse of despicable demons, the four Guardians of the Seal and Imani the Child of Promise all play their different part in the making of an explosive tale.

Love (in various forms) is a constant theme. The love of God for His creation (man), a mother’s love for her daughter, and the love between a man and his woman all come into play. Love is man’s greatest weakness and his greatest weapon. Love caused man’s fall from grace, triggered the titanic battle between good and evil, and an act of sacrifice (predicated by love) is what eventually turns the tide in favor of the good guys.

Tunde Leye did a superb job with the seamless chronology of events. His use of vivid imagery and suspense is worthy of praise, and his outstanding storytelling ability gives the reader a clear view of the action as it rockets between Eden, reality, the Neatherworld, Meggido and finally Heaven.

#TLGOTS is a delicious smoothie of The Bible (Genesis and Revelation), Green Lantern, Frank Perreti, Avengers, Supernatural and a very healthy dose of feminism.  

This is a book you simply cannot afford to miss.

P.S: Again, don’t forget the keyword – ‘POW’!

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