The persistent knocking on the bedroom door woke me up.
According to the bedside clock, it was a few minutes past midnight and wifey was on her side of the bed, snoring loudly away, and blissfully oblivious.
“Daddy, please come and open the door. I want to stay with you and mommy.”
It was junior, and I knew he wouldn’t stop until either I let him in or his mom woke up and did so. It was in my own interest that I don’t let that happen.
I sighed. Why can’t this boy just sleep in his room? At a little over five, he was more than old enough to do so. Apart from loading his room with his favorite toys and cartoon figures to make the place attractive and appealing, I have tried and tried to make him realize that he was now too big to share mommy’s bed but he has refused to listen. Not only was he disturbing our intimacy, but the bed was kinda small to accommodate all of us at once.
Grumbling quietly so as not to disturb his mom and start another a long bout of complaints, I gently got off the bed, tiptoed to the door and yanked it open.
The hallway was empty, and quiet, just like the bedroom behind me.
Of course, it was.
Shaking my head, I slammed the door shut and stomped back to the empty bed.
I had fallen for it, again.
Adjusting the scattered pillows took a couple of seconds but I finally had them in a satisfactory position.
“Yeah, you got me, but guess who’s not getting married tomorrow,” I said aloud to no one in particular as I got back into bed. Then I turned on my side to face the wall and dragged the blanket over my head.
I noted with satisfaction that the light went off a few seconds after my statement.
“Good, it heard me,” I thought to myself with a tired smile. “No house is going to bully me into marriage when I wasn’t ready for it. People have tried, and failed.”