Imagine how you’d feel getting to work on a Monday morning, looking all glam and angelic in your newly bought and very expensive all-white gear, only to log into your official mailbox and find staring at you a picture of yourself sent from an unfamiliar address (apparently taken the previous week) as you slept off a heavy lunch in the quiet comfort of the boardroom, with your mouth open.

Terrible, right? Good.

Also, imagine the horror of finding out later in the day that everyone on your team (except your boss, thank God) received the same picture, even the newly employed hunk whom you’d already ticked as a potential. Let’s not mention that your recent wardrobe makeover was actually for his benefit.

Okay, now imagine the same picture, blown up and in color, so big that everyone can now clearly see not only the line of drool running down your chin but also the dark patch of wetness on your dress where the saliva had soaked through as you slept. This is you the office ‘stainless’ slay mama o, suddenly with your hard-won reputation in the mud.

Finally, imagine that you somehow found out the identity of the ‘anonymous’ photographer who decided to cast you so recklessly by opening your tush bumbum for the amusement of the viewing public.

What would you do to this dastardly person?

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