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What do you do when you’re angry?

A lot of people waste their anger. Yes, you’d be shocked that even anger itself is a thing that can be wasted. I’m willing to bet that someone has told you at one time or the other that anger is a base emotion, useless for naught or that it is just a destructive force to be avoided at all cost. Lies.

Look around you on social media, what you find everywhere are snide remarks and clap backs, rants, subs and trailer jams. A lot of people lash out by blowing hot air when they’re mad at someone or something, a total waste of useful energy if you ask me. People shout and swear at other people, stand on their horns in traffic and generally go bananas when ticked off. Few actually do anything tangible with their ire.

Anger is meant to be harnessed. Learn to train your rage. Control it, don’t let it control you. Don’t just vent it anyhow and watch it dissipate harmlessly. Hold it in, hone it to its finest point, nurture it and watch it grow until it becomes a potent force for revenge, then when you think the time is right, wield it like a weapon and strike a mortal blow on the ‘enemy’.

A caveat though, anger is meant to be the scythe with which you harvest the soul of its cause, so don’t just get angry at the slightest provocation. Choose your targets carefully, but make sure the affected never forgets the repercussions of rocking your boat. Let your calculated response be a lesson to all and sundry, a deterrent against future occurrences.

It is only right

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