She comes jogging at the same time every morning (weather permitting), all 5 feet 7 inches of her; skin the color of unadulterated honey, bright eyes, dazzling smile and shapely, moderate hips. Her image is enough to make the blood flow twice as fast in the veins of any normal man. Her make up free face radiates friendship and is always with a smile. Her close cropped hair says she’s probably not the fussy type and the toned abs visible below the sports top means she’s disciplined enough to watch what she eats and sweat out the excess (if any). Her figure will definitely be a blessing to behold in tight jeans, or out of them.

She nods greetings to other runners as she bounds along the pavement on those endless legs that must have been specially sculpted on a Sunday when God was at rest. She runs so gracefully it looks to one as if she wouldn’t be out of place, running with Wildebeests on the plains of the Serengeti. Usually she does one hour of running on the bridge before she runs back towards Lekki where I presume home is.

One sits in his car parked just off the bridge, fully dressed in spotless running kit. Every morning finds one taking in the sight but never joining in. Every day one plans to get out and join the fun, then maybe one would get a chance to meet the Angel and say “what’s up”. But one is always discouraged by this hanging belly and pudgy limbs. She definitely would laugh at this pitiable figure, just like the rest of them (beautiful women) normally do. All of them are never patient enough to meet the sharp intellect, or discerning enough to see the charming witty prince trapped in this body of a baby Elephant. Call it a complex or low self-esteem but when the world has stomped on one long and hard enough, one actually starts believing their opinion of one’s person. The only thing one sees nowadays is fat.

One hour later, her laps are done and she wheels round, heading towards the Lekki end of the bridge. Slightly sweaty and out of breath, she still looks uber sexy. Although one is tempted to follow her, one resists the urge. It would become really awkward if one was to be apprehended as a potential kidnapper.

Maybe a day would come soon when Cupid would wrought his magic and one would have an actual chance to get meet her. As for now, one is forced to be content with savoring the soup from afar.

In any case, tomorrow is just around the corner.

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4 thoughts on “FitFan

  1. I typed one long something before but lost it because of the website restriction something on this blog…no the first time it is happening to me. But, I must say to you – pls try and remove that stuff…otherwise, maybe some wouldn’t take the trouble of putting another comment. They would just move on…ahn ahn….

  2. Not quite fixed cos I fell victim a couple of times too. Anyway, I’m forced to ask who that ‘one’ …’trapped in this body of a baby elephant’ is?

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