Motion blur of speeding ambulance
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She wanted a car.

She wanted something big, something flashy, something unique and attention grabbing.

In her own words, her car had to be “something loud and totally unmissable, a ‘one in town’.”

You see, she is ‘she who must be obeyed’, and it was in my own interest to provide as she had requested, down to the last parameter.

So I thought long and hard. I took my brain to task on what car to buy my baby to fulfill all the conditions stated without me having to look for brother K.O.K (the patron saint of ritual money). I thought and thought until finally, I had my Eureka moment (or so I thought).

Now I know it must have been the devil in my head, because I went and bought her an ambulance.

Genius move right? Big, attention grabbing, loud (wicked siren) and unmissable, one in town too (tell me how many guys you know who bought ambulances for their ladies).


Now she’s taking me for a ride. I’m already battered and bloodied, but something tells me she’s not done yet. Who knows what’s coming, all because I was trying to please.


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4 thoughts on “FAUX PAS

  1. You had me laughing like a donkey! Really, the devil must have possessed you to buy her an ambulance . On the other hand, it shows you’re a great listener. She wanted “loud and one in town”. You delivered 😅..

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