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I watched as the death throes slowly subsided in force and frequency until they totally tapered out. Just a few minutes after I tore out his throat; Salah’s fare finally lay still. He had been a beautiful offering to begin with – muscular and barrel chested – but now his head hung askance, exposing the grisly gash from which blood still dripped and added minute portions to the slowly congealing mass that had pooled in the small receiving hole an underling had dug in the sand earlier.

It was done. I let out a long held breath as I wiped sweat from my brow and turned around to accept hearty congratulations from the small crowd of excited family members that had gathered to watch.

When Baaba announced at midnight that it was high time I took over his duty of flagging off Eid celebrations, I’d panicked. In truth, having been the patriarch of the clan forever he was due for retirement. I was quite grown now, and as his first fruit he expected me to step into his shoes in more ways than one, but I had been afraid. What if I failed?

Thankfully I hadn’t, and the bloody evidence lay on the ground for all to see. The full moon was glorious

“Alahu akbar!” Baaba shouted.
“Alahu akbar,” the rest of the clan responded.

Father’s smile was proud as he surveyed the spectacle. He had taught them to blend in with people very well, and what better way was there to hide in plain sight of a Hausa community than by adopting their religion?

Despite being centuries old he still moved like lightning. In a flash he bounded forward and pounced on the prone body, tearing into the still warm flesh with a hungry roar. Fangs ripped into flesh and made short work of it. I watched in amusement as the face that had pleaded with me for mercy less than an hour ago quickly disappeared in huge chunks down father’s gullet in a series of ferocious bites. Soon, exposed cheekbones kissed the pre-dawn moonlight.

Joyful shouts rented the air as the clan turned away from their feeding leader and marched towards the pen where the rest of the human awaited their grisly fate. The Sun comes up in a few hours, but Eid is already in full flow here.

“Allahu akbar!”

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