“Hold on, I’m coming.”

Morenike hurried to the heavy mahogany door that led into her apartment and slid the bolt backwards before twisting the knob in the ‘open’ direction. There he stood, tall and broad shouldered and dashing to a fault. With his full head of dark hair hidden under his hat, only his greying sideburns belied his age. Her man, the source of her joy, he stood there beaming a one hundred megawatts smile, his arms opened wide.

“Happy birthday my angel. Come give me a hug!!!”

She ran forward and jumped in his arms, kissing him on the lips, something she did only when she’d missed him terribly. He meant the world to her, this man.

After a while he set her down and looked her over appreciatively.

“Don’t you just look yummy? How old are you again?”

They both laughed at the shared joke as they went back into her apartment hand in hand.


“How was your trip down?” she asked him as he took a seat on the edge of her sofa.

“It was smooth, he replied. Traffic wasn’t particularly heavy except for the usual confusion inside Ibadan. The rest of the way here was just a breeze.”

His deep baritone was always a delight to her ears.

“Okay, give me a minute let me finish my makeup and I’ll be ready.”

“No problems my dear, take all the time you want. I want you looking fabulous on your special day, I can wait.”

He smiled at her again as she went towards her bedroom, making she heart flutter.


Five minutes later she was all made up and ready for her birthday dinner. Anybody looking at her right now, with her dress and curvaceous figure wouldn’t believe she just turned eighteen today. That was what she wanted, to keep anyone who saw them together wondering. He was still seated on the edge of the couch calmly flipping through a fashion magazine when she stepped out in a short white Armani dress, a black wide-brimmed hat and matching stiletto heels.

“Shall we?”

He looked up at her and the love in his eyes at that moment could melt a stone.

“Ahhhhhhh. What can I say? You look absolutely fabulous, just like the queen you are.”

Then he stood up and offered the crook of his arm.

“Yes, let’s.”

Arm in arm they stepped out of the flat and into the compound, a perfect match. Anyone observing wouldn’t have guessed in a million years that they were father and daughter.




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