DNA (3)

DNA (3)


Rain poured in bucket loads.

A lecture had just finished at the O.A.U Amphitheater and Rose was one of the students forced to seek shelter from the open heavens under its high roof. Her irritation at being so trapped was evident on her elegantly made up face. She hated rain, especially when she it interfered with her plans. She hated it more when she wasn’t carrying the bag that usually housed her umbrella.

Someone called her name and she turned.

“Hi Rosie, how you doing?”

“Hi Greg. I’m good. What are you doing here? You’re soaked!”

Greg was a final year student of Physics that she and Morenike had run into at the Arts faculty’s welcome party for freshers earlier in the academic session.

“Yes I am. I thought I’d catch you girls here after your class since it seems trying to meet y’all anywhere else is next to impossible. The rain started just as I left White House and going back wasn’t an option.”

“E yah, sorry o. Here, have my hanky. You can at least dry your face.”

“Don’t worry Rose, thanks for the offer but I’m good. I’ll dry off in a couple of minutes. I only need to retouch my makeup.”

Both of them laughed at the joke.

Where’s she?” asked Greg when he stopped laughing.

“Who? Morenike?”

He nodded, shaking off a few drops of water to the floor.

“She wasn’t feeling too well this morning so she decided to skip class. I need to get her some food from Forks sef, and that’s why this rain is so annoying. I don’t have my umbrella and you know how quickly their coconut rice runs out. She couldn’t eat anything for breakfast and specifically requested for that rice.”

“Is that so?”

It was Roses’s turn to nod. Greg looked outside at the rain pelting down with no intention of stopping.

“You know what, wait here. I’ll be back in a whiff.”

Before Rose could object, he ran out if the building.

“You like it?”

The smile on Morenike’s face was enough answer, but she smacked her lips for emphasis.

“You my friend, are amazeballs. When I woke up to the sound of heavy rain, I was hoping and praying you’d be able to somehow perform some magic and get me my food. You didn’t disappoint me. I owe you big time.”

“Errr, hold on dear friend. If you owe anybody for that food, it’s Greg.”

The smile died instantly.

“What has Greg got to do with my food?”

The anger was obvious in her voice, and Rose immediately tried to soothe her.

“Calm down. I was trapped in amphi by the downpour and Greg was around to see us. As soon as I mentioned your being ill and my fear of coconut rice running out before I could get it for you, the poor guy ran all the way to Forks for some. Not only that, he also brought back an umbrella for me so that I could get to the bus stop and bring you the food, an umbrella which he had to go back all the way to his room in Faj Annex for.”

“Ehen? So? Who sent him?”

“Haba Morenike. At least be human. The poor guy probably caught a cold just trying to make sure I got you your food and on time too. He even wanted to follow me home to see how you were doing. I had to tell him to wait till later in the evening.”

“God saved him that he didn’t follow you here. I would have sent him back into the rain.”

“But that’s not fair at all. Why are you being this unreasonable? Is it that bad for a guy to like you? Is it a sin that he wants to show how much he cares?”

With undisguised nonchalance, Morenike stood up and spoke to her friend.

“I don’t know what you talking about when you say someone is trying to show he likes me and he’s caring. All I know is I was hungry and you brought me food, thank you very much for that. Now I have to go and take my drugs, then maybe sleep some more.”

She yawned and stretched before continuing.

“Please drop the notes you took in class beside the TV and jam my door when you go out. We’ll talk later when I wake. Also remember to remind your guy Greg that I’m not looking for visitors or caring from anybody.”

Rose stared in confusion at Morenike’s back as she walked away towards her bedroom.

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