DNA (2)

DNA (2)


The food was lovely, the wine was good, and the ambience at Sholape’s Corner was superb. Morenike asked her father how he managed to know of such a wonderful place in Ife when he hadn’t been there before. There was a mischievous twinkle dancing in his eyes as he responded.

“I have friends in good places who keep me well informed my dear.”

“Yeah right.”

They both returned to his hotel around 10.00 p.m. She had wanted him to follow her back to her own place, but he declined saying it would be too risky.

“We have to be careful my dear. Ife is a different kettle of fish from Lagos, so we must tread with the utmost caution.”

She had to reluctantly agree.

He dropped her in front of her hostel early the next morning on his way out of town.

“Morenike babay! This dress is a knockout; don’t tell me you got it for your birthday.”

Morenike smiled as watched her friend cum neighbor Rose run her fingers over the smoothness of her new blue Dior dress. They were standing at the bus stop, waiting for one to take them into campus.

“Of course I did, and guess who gave it to me.”

Rose didn’t hesitate before she blurted out her response.

“I don’t have to, I know Le boo did.”

Morenike’s loud laughter caused a few of the other students also waiting for buses to glance their way, then look away when they saw there wasn’t any spectacle worthy of interest.

“Which boo? Have I ever mentioned any boo to you since I came to this school? Which boo did you dash me overnight?”

Rose changed her bag from her right shoulder to her left before responding.

“You think I didn’t see the hunk that came for you yesterday evening? Now before you think I was spying, I was on my way to get some mayonnaise from your place when I saw my friend jumping like an excited kid into a man’s arms. It was something of a surprise really. I could have sworn you hated boys going by your general reaction whenever any of them dares to even say hello to you. I was even starting to wonder if you were one of those lesbo chicks.”

Morenike laughed again, but more quietly this time.

“Madam Sherlock Rose. First, I don’t dislike boys. I just don’t fancy all these young uns with their sagged jeans and dirty torn boxers. Such immaturity rubs me raw to be honest. Lesbo indeed. Have I ever looked at you funny in the shower or attempted to press your protruding bum bum before? Second, I’m sorry to burst your bubble but that was my father you saw me jumping yesterday.”

Rose exclaimed.

“What? OMG! OMG! Your dad? Are you for real?”

Morenike nodded.”

“And you didn’t call me to come and meet him. Look at you! There I was thinking my friend had a big boy taking her out for birthday chops and it was your dad? Gosh! I should have come back, but I didn’t want to be nosy or something. He looked so dapper.”

Morenike’s tone took on some mock seriousness.

“Gerrarahia babes. Dapper ko, Dapo ni. That was exactly why I don’t allow him come visit me as often as he would have liked in this place, before you girls start winking at my old man. Next thing now, he’ll be using my school fees to buy Brazilian hair, Loubs and Victoria secrets for one mgbeke.”

This time they laughed together, before Morenike continued.

“He bought me the dress for my birthday, amongst some other things. You should come see them later in the afternoon when we return from classes.”

Rose stretched out her hand to feel the dress again.

“I must say he has good taste. You’re so damn lucky girl, to have a dad who has an eye for beautiful things, and who can afford them.”

“I know, plus he’s had years of practice. Ever since mom died, he’s been the one buying all my stuff. He picks out the most amazing things and spoils me silly.”

Na wa o. You can tell him some of us won’t mind a little spoiling too, especially as he looks so hot. Thank God you’re already my friend. It means we can all get together and be one big happy family.”

Morenike playfully pushed her friend.

“You’re crazy, you this money loving igbo girl. Stop thirsting after my old man biko; he’s not looking for an undergraduate leech like you. Stick to your campus boys and their skinny jeans, boys who think they own your panties just because they bought you some chicken suya or a plate of jollof rice from Forks n Fingers. Forks o, not even New Buka. My dad is off limits, inugo?”

The bus arrived and conversation ended.

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  1. Mmmmm considering the lips on the lips(disgusting)…I have a feeling but what do I know? Mr B has a way of putting someone in misery..

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