See, Sundays are meant to be holy days (except you’re QoTC)

And usually I’m up early, to play my gospel CDs/tapes

A wipe, maybe atonement, for yesterday’s debauchery

Quilox, past 11.45, booze, smoke and jellylike booty (ies)

That was yesterday though, today is Sunday

So I respect the Sabbath and endeavor to keep it holy


An hour later, dressed to kill and ready for service

By the garage, I met my nosy neighbor – Stanley

His “good morning brother Jude”, I didn’t reply

Why? He erred two months before, and never apologized

My aggrieved Christian soul, still rankles with hurt

As I drove off in a huff, eager to go and worship God


Just around the corner, traffic crawled

Caused by a Danfo, as usual, making an illegal stop

There I was screaming “Oloshi, stupid son of a whore

Are you the devil that wants to make me late for church?”

Off course he moved, but not before a parting shot –

“Craze man, na Amadioha go fire your blokos!


Who cares, once free, I stomped on the gas

Only to encounter after a few minutes, another logjam

Triggered this time, by an accident between two Kias


Satan does seem to be working overtime

To prevent a faithful, making service on time


For want of a better option

I drove ‘one way’ with reckless abandon

Thank God it was a Sunday and I couldn’t be caught

On other days, LASTMA would have been at the junction

Ready to pounce, those brown shirted demons

Wine colored trousers, evil agents of extortion


Finally I got to church, a few minutes before nine

Sunday school came and went just by fine

For main service, the foremost pew was mine

Part of the grand strategy, to catch a chorister’s eye

I know I did, I saw her coquettish smile

When I danced past, to drop my enveloped tithe



Sorry, I forgot to tell you about my tithe

In the House of God, it is unethical to lie right?

God had been faithful, abundantly blessed his child

Baba Ijebu stumbled and made my winnings high

To deny God His share, is a ploy I’d never try

So I made my envelope fat, a bundle of red tens inside


‘Daddy’ was on point, delivering the 10-minute sermon

Carefully spelt out – rewards for obedience, as promised by God

With liberal reminders, about abundantly filling the offering pot

Service rocked and closed on the stroke of 11 o’clock

To wrap it up, a selfie for the DP (church things) – PM on fleek

This saved soul will be back for another dose, same time…next week


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14 thoughts on “DEVOTEE

  1. Thank to updated version of bbm on andriod I can finally read at them verses by just linking the link. Nice one broda e. Looking forward to the next verse

  2. Hmm!
    Food for thought.
    Going to church for “going ” sake.
    We really should check ourselves.
    Nice one, Oga Dodo

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