For ages he chased and harried,

After her lovely but elusive piece of tail.

His mouth spewed a million promises,

To love her till death and never fail.


The barrage continued unabated,

Day after day, even nights weren’t spared.

Until she wore down and gave up – exasperated,

‘Girlie O’ finally said “yes.”


As prep for his first taste of the forbidden cake,

On the day he was to consummate,

A concoction he did take,

To make his dangling snake a rigid stake –

The stamina to stay digging and winding waist,

From noon till a quarter past eight,



“OMG! Baby you’re endowed!!”

At his prowess, she was pleasantly wowed.

Spurred him on she did, urged him faster still,

With cries of Jesus, repeated lustily loud.


Our man, he huffed and puffed,

Until his heart couldn’t strain anymore.

Quit on him, with an almost audible pop,

And he was gone, chasing la petite morte.


Someone died on the way to heaven.

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