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Photo Credits - Google Because of what they said, That men are meant to be towers of strength, All my growing up years were erroneously spent, Bottling up emotions inside my head, Rather than feeling things as they should be felt. Pain was borne without a sound, Anger and turmoil buried with not a frown, Even when I craved a comforting hug, I remembered a man’s place as a barrel of brawn, And knotted tighter my mental thong. Now I’m grown and fully set in my ways, “A More...


Photo Credits - Google Oh what fun to see, As she hopelessly and helplessly bleeds. ‘Tis a sight for eyes and hearts sore, To watch her life’s force slowly run forth.   High on love’s brew, During those times that life was good, She forgot the earth from which she spewed. Who neglects their mother because of a suitor? Who abandons their source, To chase the transience of fleeting emotions? Who except the most reckless of offsprings, Scorns a mother’s More...


Photo Credits - Google Man has a morbid fear of death, He wakes up each day running, Away from that which he cannot see, And chasing after what he cannot catch, The seconds, the minutes and the hours.   He calls his pursuit a ‘lifetime’, Until he finally gets to the finish line, Where he finds to his ultimate regret, That time he spent life trying to grasp, Is actually the reaper in disguise. More...


Photo Credits - Google If they somehow acquired, The ability to utter words, If these things suddenly found a voice, To share with the world a tiny bit, Of all the sights they’ve seen, What an epic that would be? The skin of a minstrel’s drum, The wandering beggar’s bowl, The cover of a harlot's bed, The walls of a confessional booth, And the heels of a pilgrim’s shoes. More...


Photo credits - Google   Woman like sun ripened agbalumo, Golden brown skin, all smooth and yummy looking, Freshly plucked and washed clean, A perfect example of God’s bountiful giving.   Man like an infant unweaned, Ravenous, long famished of milk for no reason, Parts stiffened with furious blood pumping, And armed with a dogged hunter’s cunning.   Let there be soulful feeding, Exactly as the creator designed it to be, A consensual More...


Photo Credit - Google To be that flying hammer, In the hands of an angry Thor, Or green fists, massive and balled, Randomly thrown by an enraged Hulk, What a rush! More...


Photo Credits - Google On this day more than any other, To thee my undying love I affirm.   ‘Tis true I dip on the side, ‘Tis true I lust after the writes of her eyes, ‘Tis true I…, well, we all pen prose on the sly, And only the muses can say why, Staying faithful is so damn hard.   Dearest Lady Poetry, To thee I pledge a portion of my art, In rhyme, reason or abstract, You stay forever mine. More...


Image Credits - For weeks afterwards I had to square my chin and endure her constant jibes. Everyone heard (by everyone I mean those in our circle), about how a simple "no" had stopped me from getting to the garden between her thighs. Who could blame me for wanting to? I was young and flush with raging hormones and she had such a nubile body (at least to my teenage eyes). I liked her and I knew she liked me too, so when we found ourselves behind the closed doors of a deserted More...


Photo credits - Google   Your love, It lived like a shooting star, Bright and fast, a dart, That tore across the scape of my heart, Till its dash ended in a fiery crash. Now these eyes cry, And a shattered soul mourns and sighs, For the mountain of homeless emotions, embers, And the memories of great times together, To be submerged by broken tears. More...


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On the other side of the door,
It was supposed to be light,
So said the guide.
I went in blind,
In the sincere and earnest pursuit of insight,
I followed the map to the letter,
And still ended up in the darkest part of midnight,
With no semblance of an out in sight.

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