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How was it before we had the privilege of carelessly opening our mouths on social media, letting our fingers run riot on the keyboard without our brains filtering our thoughts first?

How did we get through those dark days of proper behavior, before it became fashionable to get online and expose our lack of home training/idiocy/ignorance to the world under the guise of emancipation?

Who can help me describe life before our new found ‘wokeness’ and ‘tear eye’ (powered by cheap data), where everybody is fair game for bile and filth regardless of age or standing, because “social media is an enabling leveler”?

Do we have any records of those ancient times when people minded their businesses, were civil and sane in their interactions with other people, and left anyhow behavior to touts at the various motor parks? Those times when we disagreed with sense and could hold differing opinions without getting insulted to the nth generation?

Is it remotely possible to have a feel of the past, when there was no social media to facilitate uncouth antisocial tendencies, when people called their friends for explanations rather than resort to subbing, and problems were solved face to face instead of online name calling/jungle justice?

Life before the advent of keyboard warriors, do you remember?

Can anybody help?






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  1. Dolapo Omowunmi

    I used to have a pen pal; I can’t possibly describe the feeling of “waiting” for his next letter…Those days are gone..
    I still wanna have a pen pal..

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