Sometimes, adversity is the catalyst that brings about unity in a group.

On Black Sisters’ Street is the eye-opening tale of four African women from different backgrounds who are brought together by a common purpose – the pursuit of a better life. Sisi, Ama, Efe, and Joyce all travel to Europe via the same channel, with the same lofty dreams, but pushed by differing circumstances.

It takes the death of Sisi for the rest to realize how interwoven their journeys are in the strange land that Antwerp, Belgium is. Tragedy serves as the trigger for stories of their origins and motives and burdens (hitherto shrouded in secrecy) to come tumbling out as they deal with grief and loss. Even with obviously diverse characters, the girls discover that each one of them has overcome failure, despair, deceit and disappointment to be where they are, and that they also face a common danger on their road to Eldorado.

Chika Unigwe’s book shares the experiences of four African women (representative of millions in Europe) who find themselves in a situation where their only means of survival and expression rests solely between their ebony legs.

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