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B. Y. O. H.

The last item on the glossy red invite was confusing but I didn’t want to sound like a JJC so I pretended as if I understood its meaning.

“Oh man! A party? Thanks. I really appreciate this.”

It was then I caught a glimpse of the time and James must have noticed the frown that crept up on my face.

“Wetin happen” he asked. “You can’t come?”

“No” I replied. “It’s the time. Is 11p.m. not too late for a party to kick off?”

James had a laugh before he responded to my query.

“Broooos! This is Lagos, the city that never sleeps. Day just dey break for Lekki around that time. You’ll see. Many of the industry’s big boys will be there too, and it will be a perfect opportunity for networking. We can hook up somewhere on the mainland so you can ride with me.”

To avoid further embarrassment I thanked him and hushed. I didn’t even know where Bella’s Cove was in Lekki. Lagos is obviously not the same as Ilorin. Back there even the biggest party would have ended by that time of the night.

James was my classmate from University whom I ran into a few weeks back at a State Liaison office in Ikoyi as I combed Lagos in search of a job. Mom had bullied me into settling in Ilorin after service year so as to be close by and somehow I never left the city, not until after her death six months ago. Now I was in Lagos to chase my dreams.

He told me he was into clearing and forwarding as we shared a drink in the canteen and from the way he looked, I could tell he was doing well. Of course that made me interested in any leads I could get off him, which was the only reason for which I wouldn’t miss this party he just invited me to.

Thank God I had no other plans for the Easter period.


“We’re here!”

James excited voice roused me from my semi slumber. That long swig from his bottle of Jack Daniels before we moved was already looking like a bad idea.

In my mind I had Bella’s Cove pegged as a hotel or something, but the building in front of us had walls that reached to heaven. The prison like gate only slid open only after he wound down and muttered a password into the small radiophone placed within reach on a small steel table nearby.

Noiselessly it slid shut immediately the car drove inside.

There were a couple of other cars haphazardly parked around in the large compound but there were no people in sight. All the visible lights were in various shades of red, and the silence was loud.

James touched my shoulder.

“Guy, follow me.”

My limbs suddenly felt as if someone had pumped cement into my bones and my eyelids weighed a ton each. It took all my willpower to drag myself after him as he headed for what looked like a metal door.

The darkness descended out of nowhere


The guy on my right was naked and hanging on a cross with blood dripping from his palms. His eyes were closed and his chest wasn’t moving. The one on my left was quiet, until somebody wearing a red hood struck a long silvery nail into his right leg.

He roared in pain.

It had to be that I was dreaming, an extremely vivid one, but a dream still. Suddenly somebody ripped my red robe off and I was stark naked in the chilly room.

Three figures wearing red hooded robed converged and slowly approached the pallet I was lying on. Each one of them held something in their right hand, and it was only when they got closer that it finally hit me.

B.Y.O.H was ‘Bring Your Own Hammer’.

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