Aviara is the third book written by Othuke Ominiabohs. It is a unique combination of flavors, which turns out as a gourmet offering for the literary connoisseur’s palate.

Aviara is the sequel to Odufa but tells its own story so well that it grows too big for the shade of its illustrious progenitor. It is pregnant with a tale masterfully told, an outpouring that touches the very core of humanity. Love is a constant theme throughout the flowing pages, as is darkness, and light, and all these elements elegantly complement each other to deliver the perfect balance. When the final word is done, all you are left with is a feeling of warm appreciation for the writer’s hand.

Aviara is the place where Okiemute’s travails begin and end, the origin of all his questions and the place where their attendant answers are found. It is not only a vivid record of the young man’s eventful journey in search of healing, painstakingly detailed in potent dialogue and raw, gripping emotion but the roadmap to his salvation. Aviara is the description of a fierce battle for survival, and a hymnal filled with the heady lyrics of a victor’s song.

Aviara is a testament to the supernatural ability of the human mind to face adversity, find hope in the face of the biggest odds, and discover healing from the depths of pain.

Aviara is a magical portal through which the reader is transported across realms without moving an inch.

“When all is said and done, who will remember you?” Well, Aviara knows.

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