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As her supple fingers kneaded and moved over my lubricated flesh, I could feel all the aches in my joints slow dissolve and leave. The stiffness in my muscles brought about by sitting long hours in that damned office chair, the stress resulting from the long hours spent sitting in the madness of Lagos traffic all dropped off me one by one like discarded weights.

It felt so good that I closed my eyes and started humming.

The past week had been a roller coaster at the law firm where I work. Surmounting the legal mountain of facilitating the mutation of Etisalat to 9mobile had been my sole responsibility, and although the original plan was to do it in stages, the new owners had suddenly decided to go at full throttle to checkmate another boardroom power tussle. Two legal firms had been involved in the process at the beginning, but the other firm pulled out claiming the completion period was too short and unachievable. I had assured my boss we could swing it, and as the team lead for Mergers and Acquisitions I had no choice but to burn the candle at all ends to get the job done.

The cumbersome process was finally concluded on Thursday, twenty four hours before the deadline and my boss had been over the moon when I dropped the drafted agreements on her table.

“Wow! You did it Anne, you really did,” she gushed. “Girl! You don’t know how proud of you I am right now. You just blew this firm into the big league! The whole industry can’t help but sit up and notice us n0ow. C & C is in their faces and it’s all thanks to you.”

I just sat there and smiled sheepishly as she showered encomiums on me, too tired to do anything else. It was thrilling having one of the principal partners at Caldwell & Caldwell sing my praise like this but my ass and shoulders ached atrociously, and my eyes hurt too from all those days spent poring over endless pages of fine print.

“You know what,” madam continued, “its 2 p.m. now. Take the rest of the day and tomorrow off. I know you burned a lot of energy on this one, so just go home and laze around. I’ll handle the signing and filing of all the agreements.”

My eyes widened in gratitude. I needed the rest, badly.

“Here,” she also said, flipping open her new Fendi and retrieving something. “Take this and go give yourself a treat on my account. I’ll have someone call you and give you directions on how to get there. Go on Saturday, 10 a.m. You’ll be transformed. A little bird tells me there may also be an official bonus waiting for you when you return on Monday.”

What she pressed into my cold palm was a small gold card. I dropped it into my pocket without thought.

“Thanks ma’am.”

“Come back on Monday and testify dear. Now go.”

I just nodded, stood up and stumbled out of her office. My eyes were crying for sleep.

“Turn over,” the masseuse whispered, bringing me back to the present. She was of Asian descent, and her English wasn’t smooth but it was understandable. I had seen a few of them as I was ushered into the swanky spa earlier. She seemed to have been working on my back forever and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I stopped humming and obeyed.

“Now we make waterfall. Yes?”

I didn’t catch her drift, but I nodded all the same. She rewarded me with a beautiful small, showing her small neatly arranged teeth.

“Please no touch.”

Again I nodded, and settled back on the massage table.

The cold air from the air conditioner standing in the corner teased my exposed skin and I could feel my nipples harden. First she dripped jasmine scented oil all over my torso. Madam must have told them Jasmine was my favorite essence. I closed my eyes and inhaled slowly as her fingers worked on my neck and shoulder muscles, gently loosening them, before moving them downwards, kneading around my boobs and chest area. Her warm hands felt good as they moved around and I almost moaned.

I was lost in sensations when I suddenly felt lips close around my left nipple.

“What the hell?” I swore, rearing upright and pushing her head away. Miss masseuse staggered backwards, her oily hands up, and with an apologetic smile on her face.

“Sorry. Sorry. No warning. Big madam Comfort say to surprise and pleasure. Me will make you waterfall.”

I didn’t understand her gibberish. The only thing that made any sense at the moment was the mention of Comfort, my madam’s name, so I jumped off the bed and walked with bare-assed indignation to the table where my bag lay, picked up my phone and dialed. Comfort Caldwell picked up on the first ring.


“Hey Anne, how’s it going?”

“Good afternoon ma. I’m at the spa right now, and the….”

“…masseuse tried to suck your boobs,” she finished for me.

“Yes ma. How did you…”

Again she cut me off.

“…know? Because I told her to do so. You deserve a lot of pampering for the work you did last week, so I ordered for a full body work over for you. That includes as many orgasms as possible.”


“You heard me the first time Anne” she said with a chuckle. “See, I know you’ve been very busy lately. I also know you’re not currently dating anybody, and I could be wrong but you don’t look to me like someone who uses her fingers or a toy. The body needs regular relief and what better way to get one than an orgasm, so I’m gifting you one.”

“But I’m not…”

“…a lesbian?” She laughed heartily. “Of course I know that. I’m not one too, but orgasms are not discriminatory, and they don’t change your orientation. Tell me your body didn’t enjoy what she’s done so far and you can walk out of there.”

I remained quiet.

“See? Be a good girl Anne, get back to the table and let Miss Su finish her work. That’s an order. Trust me you’ll thank me later. Got to run now. Toodles.”

The line went dead.

I held on to the phone for a couple of seconds afterwards thinking. Madam was right, I had been celibate for a wee bit now and although I had been horny a few times, masturbation had never crossed my mind. It also looked as if she had gone through a lot of trouble arranging this session for me. The place didn’t look cheap at all, and I didn’t want to appear like an over reacting ingrate.

Finally convinced, I shrugged, dropped the phone in my bag and glanced over at the still smiling ‘Miss Su’.

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