He asked her out,

Just like every man matured and bold enough, had a right to do.

“No” was how she chose to respond,

Again, like every woman with a mind of her own, had a right to do.

Disappointed, he went his way. Indifferent, she went hers,

But the amorous thoughts he had, of lewd things he wished to do to her,

Those indecent thoughts, they never went far.

Throw in some evil counsel, and some idle time,

Over time those thoughts, they festered,

Until they birthed an obsession, that contaminated his mind.

He stalked her, just like a hunter would do,

And blissfully unaware, severally she walked past his thirst traps,

Just like unsuspecting prey would innocently do,

Until she got caught in an alley, on a dark night,

Where no help could reach and none could hear her screams.

She begged for mercy, like one facing danger would,

But he rejected her pleas, a sex-crazed lunatic bent on evil,

And he raped her, something even lower animals normally wouldn’t do.

Afterwards, violated, bloodied and battered,

She cried her heart out, like one aggrieved is wont to do,

While he faked remorse and blamed his actions on who else, yup – the devil,

Just like criminals of his kind would often do.

But society, when it heard of the crime, what did society do?

The men – some sniggered, some openly laughed,

Some queried her claims, asked what she went ‘there’ alone to do

The women – some asked how she was dressed,

Some pitifully shook their heads, rather than risk being stigmatized some said,

“It’s much better to keep your ordeal secret instead.”

Nobody did what sane society was supposed to do –

Protect the weak, empathize with the aggrieved,

Press for justice and ensure the villain suffers consequences.

So he walked free, like many before him had been allowed to do,

Unaware that she stalked him, bitter and bent on exacting revenge,

Just like one wronged and denied justice sometimes would do.

For many days she plotted her vengeance,

Until he got caught in an alley, on a dark night,

Trying to do same, defile another, returning from church via the same path.

He begged for mercy, like cowards are known to do,

She shot without missing, like one coldhearted by pain would do,

Then stood watching while he bled to death,

Before she turned the still smoking gun on her own self,

To avoid society’s belated and biased outrage/judgment,

And end an illegitimate life sown, the night she got robbed of innocence.

So it ended in tragic deaths,

An unfortunate, heartbreaking chain of events,

That could have/would have been avoided,

If we all as a society did our duty, did it to the best,

Like we all are/were meant to do.







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6 thoughts on “ALL FOR ONE

  1. I don’t know how you do this, you speak our very souls.
    This week I saw a quote by Dave Chapelle saying if a woman dressed like a whore, she would be treated like one and so on. He was basically saying if you dress like you want to be raped, you will. I felt sad. Rape is a horrible thing to experience. Even if you heal physically and forgive the rapist, you never forget.

    Thank you, Biodun. Thank you so much.

  2. If any written piece of mine touches just one person, I am fulfilled.
    For the people that make a mockery of rape or excuse it, I just want to believe they don’t know better.
    Sometimes when things happen far from home, we trivialize them…until they come much closer.
    The people who have experienced rape will never wish it on their worst enemy.
    Society has a lot to do in terms of education, empathy, reparation and justice.
    God help us.

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