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Musings of a Maskuraid…

Who is behind the Maskuraid?

Abiodun Awodele is a writer and poet, and is the physical manifestation of the ‘Maskuraid’ persona. He blogs here regularly and contributes to other platforms including but not limited to

You can download a free copy of his book ‘Honorable Secretary’ (R18+) on Okadabooks whilst you wait for his first collection of short stories, which is coming to print soon.

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  • Twitter -@maskuraid
  • Facebook – Abiodun Awodele

Thank you.



  1. Happy to be here! Looking forward to an amazing experience..

  2. Nneka

    Happy to be here! Looking forward to an amazing experience.

  3. Beordoon

    Thank you for taking the time. Looking forward to not disappointing you.

  4. Eye Kay

    Boss! i remain Loyal o, na here I go park my motor, the reading make sense die.

  5. Beordoon

    Free beer no dey but parking is allowed,as long as you can pay…

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