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I’ll wait and watch, barely containing my impatience as you take your time to strip off every item of clothing on you. Usually it would be me doing the de-robing, but for our first time out I’m afraid you’ll see my fingers shake while I do so, or worse still I may lose my head and tear everything off your skin in a frenzy just like hunger makes me tear the nylon off Agege bread. It probably wouldn’t be a good way to start our sexual odyssey.

When you’re finally naked, the first thing I’ll do is drink in the sight of your proud magnificence as you stand under the light, long, deep and hard enough to take the edge off my insane thirst, thirst nurtured by time and all the anticipation of our first closed-door session.

As much as I’d love to gaze at your nakedness forever, I know the urge won’t let me, so after a while I‘ll fall on those lovely breasts of yours, full, firm and finally free of all restraints, gloriously dark tipped and whispering their succulence. I’m sure they’ll be even more beautiful than I’ve always imagined them to be, and whatever may be the current size and texture of your nipples at the time, I’ll readily make them harder and bigger as I suckle on them like a milk-starved infant.

I like to lick skin, and I’m hoping that won’t gross you out because I’m going to lick you all over like a mix of tom tom, buttermint and malta sweet. From your forehead, to your cheeks, your ears, and pretty much any inch of your chocolatey goodness that my tongue fancies and can reach, it will be a thorough lick fest. Note that I didn’t say kiss, but lick. There’s a reason.

Finally I’m going to gently put you on your back, spread your legs as far apart as possible and feast my eyes on that lovely garden in between them, that core waxed bare of all hair just like I like it. I know I’ll be overwhelmed by reverence, so much that I’ll fall on my knees and devoutly worship at your loins, eating them brown lips up, tasting their pink innards, teasing that shy bud until it is rock hard and protruding out of its hood, licking and sucking voraciously as if your intimate flesh is shedding nectar, while your limbs buck and vibrate.

I know masculine programming will eventually force me to get up and straddle you, but I’ll try to make you cum at least once before I do that, because I know once I slip inside that velvet temple of yours, there’s no coming out until I cum.

How long I last inside your honeypot won’t matter, because as soon as I’m done shedding one load I’m only pausing long enough for you to catch your breath, before I rewind the tape and start all over again.

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